Travel Advice to Face Civil Unrest


The political demonstrations and civil unrest that have spread across several state, highlights the importance of receiving the latest travel guidance from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or FCO before you travel. You should be extra cautious to make sure that you avoid dangerous, if you are having a trip with a pre-existing medical condition, or are a senior traveler. The spread of unrest in several countries, which were known as the safe tourist destinations, strengthens the importance of checking FCO advices before you travel.

How does civil unrest influence your travel insurance?
If you’re already in resort and something happens while you are there, you will have full coverage of personal accident, medical and repatriation if you get caught up in anything, as long as you are following FCO advice and not purposefully getting involved in any demonstrations.

When the foreign office has warned against travel, your travel insurance company will no longer provide a full coverage if you travel against the advice. If, like in several case, there is civil unrest parts of the country or the tourism spot, but the FCO still feels it is safe enough to travel to your chosen resort in your planned travel, your travel insurance is valid as normal.

When you already have a policy, but you have had to reorganize your trip due to the FCO advising against your plan, you will be able reallocate your policy to the new trip, only if that you are not planning to make a claim on this policy. There won’t be administration charge for this, but it will be subject to any additional premium due to an adjustment in destination or duration.

Latest advice before you travel
You should check the FCO website before you travel to see if it’s really safe to visit your chosen destination. If the FCO has stated against travel, your insurance policy will no longer provide a coverage if you travel against their advice. In this circumstances you should contact your tour operator for further information. And remember, wherever you are travelling, have a look to the FCO website.