Why Travel Agents? And How to Choose the Best


As technology progresses, a working middle class grows. Demands for travel and accommodation also increase. Although a do-it-yourself character does dominate traveler’s activities and abilities, such options are not always practical to professionals and large groups of leisurely adventures.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

Expertise. Travel agents know the places and alternatives. When they’re well-traveled, know people, and have been through every travel obstacle imaginable, they can’t be replaced by online and app based booking. An agent will know if you’re going to your “right” destination and look for another suitable one. It’s second nature to ensure everything is in your best interest.

Problem Solved.

When you’re at the airport and something goes wrong or the front desk can’t verify your reservation, travel agents are your best advocate. They’ll contact everyone involved to resolve the issues faced to find your best alternative, possibly at no additional cost either.


If a multiple bookings relationship with an agent is developed, agents won’t hesitate to share their knowledge with you or put their foot down to recommend the best because they know what you like.

Bang for Your Buck.

Travel agents get their money through travel suppliers, airlines, tour companies and hotels. Through referrals and booking, they receive a percentage from the supplier, excluding airlines. So the most common misconception that stated “travel agent means additional fees” is not completely true.

Now, How Do I Choose My Agent?

Experience. Choose a travel agent based on their experience. The amount of time those agencies have been in business, where they have traveled to, whether they specialize in business, leisure or both and their reviews.
Convenience. After reserving and depending on the type of journey, a stop into their office may be required to pick up or exchange travel documents. Make sure the agency can practically reach your daily activities. Your goal is convenience and opportunity, isn’t it?


Sometimes those fees are necessary. Travel agents have partners and affiliations who pay a percentage of their transactions. The other additional fee applies in situations of complex travel planning, where multiple destinations, activities, or accommodation bookings are involved. It still outweighs the opportunity cost of composite planning, in more than just time.

Think Twice Before Your Next Trip!

Travel agents love helping, getting your back and sharing their expertise. When your next leisure travel opportunity or business trip shows up, think twice and come to a travel agency. You may discover traveling needs even less effort without an apps.